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Saddles Prices
Saddle base price:
Includes a handmade tree made by Vern Rempel, Herman Oak skirting leather, real sheepskin, Brass or Stainless Steel hardware, D-ring or inskirt rigging, Mohair front cinch, leather rear cinch and back billet, latigos, uncovered wood stirrups, all leather ground seat, and 10 hours of decoration (corner basket or border stamping).
Saddle Options:
these prices only available with a saddle order
$5000.00 + GST
Bucking Rolls $125.00
Inlaid Padded Seat $75.00
Flat Plate Rigging $100.00
Rawhide Horn, Fork, and Cantle $125.00
Brass or Stainless Steel Bound Stirrups approx.$150.00
Leather or Rawhide Covered Stirrups approx.$150.00
Breast Collar $200.00
Saddle Bags approx.$350.00
Loop seat $50.00
Shotgun: Plain with fringes $400.00
Chinks: Plain $400.00
Chinks with Stamping $500.00
Chinks with Carving approx.$650.00
Batwings: Plain $400.00
Batwings with Stamping approx.$450.00
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